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After an initial market appraisal, where we scope the potential and agree on the strategic approach, together we build a powerful and successful brand by defining its core values and attributes. This gives your radio station a personality, which forms the basis for every future decision made for the brand.

Next, we define and unite all the vital elements of your radio station (strategy, music, morning show, drive show, promotions and marketing) in preparation for the creative execution.

Music can be copied anywhere and by anyone in your market or elsewhere via the internet around the globe. What is vital, is that your music is exactly what your audience and potential audience want. This includes designing a music strategy, that supports your overall strategic goals. We then build all the elements, that pay-off into that music strategy, like song categories, clocks, rotations, sound codes, tempos and how it is scheduled each hour of each day.

Personalities is what differentiates your radio station from any other; this cannot be copied. radico Int’l has spent the last five years building a coaching strategy, that makes your personalities/celebrities connect with your listeners. Sounds easy, well it is and isn’t. You have to understand human characteristics, you have to get to know your people very well, you have to build a vision 5 years ahead, so everyone in the team knows where they are going. In addition to this, you have to define each person’s role within the team, and you need to be patient with your coaching.

We have been around this amazing industry for quite a while, and we have travelled the globe doing what we love. So we understand, that “one size does not fit all”. We only offer tailored suggestions depending on the market, the radio station and the culture. We have a creative vault of ideas to draw from as well as the talent to create brand new ones. Everything we do will pay off into the overall strategy and brand building of your radio station.

We believe in working closely with your key managers, so the critical coaching of your teams becomes a daily habit, thus creating the best possible content for your listeners. This process will lead to better ratings and better revenue.