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Partnering with radico Int’l will bring sleeves-up, day job-relevant coaching and training to the team, providing innovative and contemporary methodologies and tool boxes to execute their work in a more result-focused and advertiser-centered way; substantiating audience and advertiser needs herein is paramount. Here we establish and work towards long-term goals, creating long-term relationships and long-life ‘talkability’ in the market, meaning mind share, increase in brand equity and revenue with and for audiences, advertisers and subsequently, our media partners.

radico Int’l mean serious business with measurable results. Any media company, serious about their business, will understand the necessity of long-term cause and effect; this calls for a solid strategy and watertight methodology to generate more listeners and new, incremental revenue for many years to come. radico Int’l are your trusted partner for just that.

Working with us means, both parties bringing 100% enthusiasm, willingness, identification, ambition and capability to the table. We call this the ‘will-can-do-deliver’ attitude. Just like any success story in partnership, it is all about the fundamental approach and open- mindedness to learn, adapt, adopt and shine inside and outside one’s own comfort zone, meaning both parties are equally responsible for realisation and outcome, in order to enjoy the reward.